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Active kids turn out to be active adults. Forcescooters understands the need for encouraging more kids to love the outdoors. That’s why we offer top of the line scooters for toddlers and kids.

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Forcescooters is a California-based company that wishes to bridge the gap between being active and having fun. With our durable and kid-friendly scooters, we hope to get more kids on their feet and kick stronger towards an active and exciting childhood.

Scooters can help more kids find their balance and direction. With the right supervision, they can develop better body coordination that may lead to being confident adults. We at Forcescooters take the challenge of bringing more children onboard.


Forcescooters aims to deliver quality scooters to every household with a growing kid, inspire children to love the outdoors, and stimulate them to having a memorable active childhood by letting them find joy in their choice of scooter type.


Fuel the courage in kids to be brave and bold through safe use of kid-friendly scooters.