Should I get a 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled kick scooter?

Beyond a child’s physical ability, the highest deciding factor falls on whether the kid can successfully and safely ride a kick scooter.

Your child should use a three-wheeled scooter if one or more of the following factors ring true:

  • If it’s their first kick scooter
  • If the kid hasn’t learned how to ride a bicycle
  • If the kid is not physically active
  • If the kid is age 2 to 5 years

A kid may have a good chance of riding a two-wheeled scooter if one or more of the following factors ring true:

  • If the kid has been physically active
  • If the kid already enjoys riding a bicycle
  • If the kid already enjoyed riding a three-wheeled scooter successfully

Should I choose a small kick scooter or a large kick scooter for my child?

Kick scooters with small wheels are lighter than large-wheeled scooters. This makes them easier to ride for children. The downside of this is that they can become riskier for children who have an aggressive riding style.

On the other hand, kick scooters with large wheels require more effort to steer and push. They also take longer to brake to a full stop. That’s why very small children can find them hard to ride.

The upside of large-wheeled scooters is that they a more stable because they have a longer wheelbase. Since they are bulky, kids are forced to ride them with a moderated speed.

With these considerations, you need to analyze your kid’s riding style and their physical ability to maneuver heavy/light scooters.

How to choose the right size of scooter for kids?

The child’s riding ability aside, it may be safer for a kid to ride a kick scooter in which handlebars fall lower than their neck.

If the handlebar goes in front of your child’s neck or face, an injury may happen during a collision. The face and neck are very crucial body parts. That said, it’s ideal to get a kick scooter with a height-adjustable handlebar.

What is a suitable age for a child to start riding a kick scooter?

Children that are older than 2 can start learning how to ride a kick scooter. Since this is such as young age to start, they need kick scooters that are easier to handle physically and mentally.