Electric scooters are great mobility tools especially if you want to save on gas and promote green living. So if you’re thinking about pursuing this transportation mode, you might be wondering how much does an electric scooter cost.

The price range of an electric scooter depends on many factors. Find out more about the cost of purchasing this new vehicle by reading on:

Why are electric scooters expensive?

You can find many types of electric scooters. Some of them are best for short distances while others can take you on your daily commutes.

While these electronics have various features, they also come at major price points. Here are the factors that may contribute to the price gap on electric scooters:


An electric scooter’s battery is its primary feature. In many scooters, the battery power and its efficiency affect the overall performance of this vehicle. That’s why it’s also the main factor that drives up its price. 

If you want one that can take you to great miles, then you need one with a larger battery. With that, you might need to allocate a bigger budget.

Electric Motor

The motor might not cost as much as the battery. However, it surely drives the cost up. Some electric scooters have motors that offer special functions like bearing drive and regenerative braking. These features contribute to the safety of the users which makes an electric scooter worth the investment.

Research and Development

Electric scooters aren’t new in the market. But manufacturers still need to cover R&D costs. This cost covers the research, testing, controller apps, and many more. Companies need to make sure that they only put out safe and efficient products. However, the measures they take could also shoot the price up.

Other Reasons

Just like any other, products in the market, the demand surge also contributes to the rising price of these electronics. With the few manufacturers of electric scooters across the globe, it’s no surprise why some countries have expensive ones.

What is the cheapest electric scooter?

You can find electric scooters for almost any range. Typically, you need to allocate $300 or more for a quality scooter. But if you want to buy affordable options, prepare to cover no less than a hundred dollars.

Either way, remember that you will get the quality of the scooter based on what you paid for. Yes, you might not get a flimsy one with a few hundred dollars but if you want to ride premium models, then you’re off to a pricy investment.

Also, buying cheap scooters might not get you anywhere as far as the premium ones can. That’s why you should be extra careful in handling them, especially you tend to travel on rough roads.

However, if you think you can take care of cheap electric scooters, then having one could still serve you best.

Is buying an electric scooter worth it? Where to find high quality ones?

Yes, having an electric scooter is totally worth it.

You can enjoy convenience if you’re not into driving a car to your daily destinations. If you’re willing to invest in a high-quality option, you can choose from the incredible ones.

Forcescooters is known for bringing electric scooters with powerful motors. We have options that can take you to your work or school or just the nearest mile. If you’re interested to fulfill your mobility vehicle needs without compromising economic performance, we can help you.

How much does an electronic scooter cost doesn’t matter if you think the advantages offer cost-effective solutions to your life.

Find your next ride with us. Shop for your electric scooter here.

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