For long-time riders, knowing how to how lime scooter comes easy. Lime answers the demand for electric scooters across the globe. It’s a micro-mobility company that offers dockless electric scooters. With its prominent presence in college campuses and major cities, scooter sharing is now a well-known way to embrace intra-city transportation schemes.

If you’re a first time user of a lime scooter, here are the things you should know:

What are lime scooters?   

Lime scooters aka Lime-S scooters are electric scooters that allow people to rent by the minute. Once people are done using, the electronics can be returned by simply parking them near their destination safely.

Since it can run up to 15 miles/hour and for 20 miles on a full charge, they offer a great alternative for those who want conveniently affordable rides.

To use one, you only need to find one, pick it up, and rent them day or night. They can also work under light rain or snow. It’s the best answer to the increasing need for reliable last-minute around the city.

What are the Rider Requirements?

Lime scooters offer a safe riding experience for their users. However, the company has set rider requirements to prevent unexpected injuries. To use Lime, you need to:

  • Be 18 years old and above
  • Have a valid US driver’s license
  • Wear a helmet while onboard
  • Know how to follow the local traffic laws
  • Follow local traffic laws

Note that local traffic laws usually demand you to ride in the designated bike lanes whenever possible. These will also need you to halt at stop signs and red lights. You also need to drive within the assigned speed limit.

Typically, scooters need to stay within the city’s maximum speed limit for non-highway driving. However, if you go below the lower limits like 10 miles per hour, you’re expected to follow the speed limits.

Also, it’s against the rules to ride when you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You can also use your mobile phones when on board.

Lastly, your phone must be an iPhone that runs on iOS 10.0 or later or a smartphone that works in Android 5.0. These are the compatible operating systems with the Lime App.

What is Lime’s riding etiquette suggestions?

  • You need to find a curbside where you can park properly
  • Follow all the local traffic laws
  • Use the handbrake to stop (not your foot)
  • No stunt riding to ensure your safety and to the people along your path
  • No riding in pedestrian pathways
  • Keep an eye for rocks, potholes, and other road obstacles
  • Park properly by the curbside
  • Follow traffic laws
  • Use the handbrake to stop
  • Resist stunt riding for your safety and those in your path
  • Don’t ride in pedestrian pathways
  • Watch out for potholes, rocks, and other obstacles

How to park your lime scooter properly?

Once you’ve finally reached your destination or want to end the ride just because, you have to take a look at your app first. Make sure that you’re in a zone that would let you park and lock your Lime scooter.

Once you find out that you are, put down your kickstand so you can park somewhere away from pedestrian pathways. Look out for a space that allows safe parking. Note that you can’t park in these spaces:

  • Near fire stations
  • Near hospitals
  • On wheelchair ramps
  • Inside gated communities

Remember that lime scooters that come with cable locks can only be locks at bike racks.

Consequently, to stop your per-minute fees, simply “Lock” on the app. Make sure you’ve also physically locked it with the cable lock. Then push down the back of the scooter wheel lever.

Note that properly parking lime scooters are duly noted by cities. In some cases, business owners, residents, or law enforcement complaints have rendered lime scooters banned in some cities. That said, knowing how to use a lime scooter also means being able to park properly.

If you’re interested to ride your electric scooters, Forcescooters have enough choices for you.

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